The Chihuahua Dog

The Chihuahua dog originates from Mexico, but its exact origins are unknown. Several theories have been put forward about Aztec or Chinese origins, but none are conclusive. The temperamental Chihuahua gets along fine with older responsible children but may get upset with the play antics of younger children. Today it enjoys that status of being one of the most popular breeds in North America.

Origin Mexico dating back to the 1800?
Original Use Companion
Use Today Companion
Temperament The Chihuahua dog might be small, but it is always alert and attentive, wanting to be constantly in touch with its owner.
Acceptance of: Other Dogs - Poor
Other Pets - Average
Strangers - Poor
Children - OK with older children
Watchdog Ability Excellent
Guard dog Ability Poor
Ease of Training Below average
Living Conditions Ideal for urban or apartment living, the Chihuahua can tolerate some hot weather but is intolerant of cold. It is not suited for outdoor living.
Exercise The Chihuahua has lots of energy, but its need for exercise can be met by indoor play or by a walk outside.
Coat The Chihuahua comes in two varieties, a long coat and a shorter smooth coat variety.
Grooming Grooming is required only occasionally for the long coat variety.
Colors Color can vary from white to black, but most are black and tan or black and white
Height and Weight Ideal weight is 2 to 6 pounds (.9 to 2.75 kg) while the ideal height is 6 to 9 inches (15.25 to 23 cm). Variations may occur in individual animals.
Life Expectancy 12 to 14 years.
Group The AKC places the Chihuahua dog in the toy group.

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