The Great Dane Dog

Though its name would suggest that the Great Dane dog originates from Denmark, in fact it is was bred in Russia dating back to the thirteenth century, and later in Germany where it was bred to be a hunting dog (hunting mainly wild boar). In Germany it was likely crossed with greyhounds to give it elegance and its gentle nature. Its popularity arose not only from its hunting ability, but also because of its elegant and graceful appearance. Today it is recognized as the national dog of Germany. In the late 1800's the Great Dane was introduced to America where acceptance and popularity grew quickly. In spite of the drawbacks of being such a large dog, it enjoys a good amount of popularity world wide.

Origin Germany - 1800's
Original Use Hunting
Use Today Companion, guard dog
Temperament The Great Dane dog is a gentle, affectionate and devoted companion. It is even tempered and sensitive to its master making it a pleasant and well mannered pet. Because of its size, obedience training, starting at a young age, is important to ensure that the best of its character is brought out.
Acceptance of: Other Dogs - Good
Other Pets - Good
Strangers - Good
Children - Very good
Watchdog Ability Excellent
Guard dog Ability Excellent
Ease of Training Very good
Living Conditions Although it can live outdoors in most temperate climates, it is better suited to being indoors at night and outdoors during the day as the situation allows. Indoors it must have sufficient room to sleep comfortably.
Exercise Because of its size and hunting heritage, the Great Dane requires a lot daily exercise.
Coat Its coat is short, dense, and glossy.
Grooming It requires minimal grooming.
Colors Most Great Dane's are fawn in color, while a few are brindle, or blue and black, or white with blue or black patches.
Height and Weight Weight range is 100 to 120 pounds (45.4 to 54.4 kg) while the height range is 28 to 32 inches (72.1 to 81.3 cm). Variations may occur in individual animals.
Life Expectancy 9 to 10 years.
Group The AKC places the Great Dane dog in the Working group.

Pictures courtesy of Anitta, Hoppingham´s Harlequins & Staffords

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